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Some mechanics in game arena need to be reworked.

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Hello. I am writing this, because I strongly believe that the mechanic to get points for defenders, sitting in the middle next to sunrise crystal needs to be reworked, and it only encourages inactivity and laziness. Where as doing your role, defending against attackers, not letting them get to the middle, or even close to the crystal, fighting them off, rewards no points and sitting in the middle can gain you just as much if not more points as the players who are actually playing as a team, engaging in the battle and trying to push back the attackers so they cannot reach the crystal at all.. I think that the defending points needs to be reworked or even removed. Attackers do not get these extra points for attacking the crystal, why should defenders? Also, on a non related note, the crystal in the middle needs a nerf to the hp big time, it's basically a 70% chance defenders will win and a 30% chance attackers will win. Especially with the current sacrafice meta. It really stinks having to choose between sitting in the middle to leach points until the timer runs out, and helping your team in battle, because you want to get as much points as possible.. It just is senseless and promotes inactivity and discourages team work. Please do something about this, Lots of teams aren't even working as a team because of it, half go and kill on their own, and half afk in the middle.. It's sad you that the game promotes inactivity and rewards those players who didn't participate as much in the battle, with more points..

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