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[CLERIC] Interaction between salamander flame and flame elementals


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I propose a positive interaction between salamander flames and flame elementals, as long as the elementals are allied or non-hostile units.

For example, fire elementals (we'll call them jinn for the purposes of this post, my arthritis is annoying me) could gain bonus HP, DEF, HP recovery and speed (attack and move) while affected by a friendly salamander flame. Hostile jinn could gain only bonus HP recovery, thus giving a negative to using flames for once.




- Offsets the offense sacrificed when summoning a salamander flame.

- Opens the door to elemental attribute interaction in a different aspect of the game

- Introduces a tactical element in PvP (and by extension also PvM if the mechanic is extended to bosses)

- Concept could also be extended sideways to other flames and elementals.



- Additional dev time spent that could be used on integrating better features / improving current features / fixing small stuff (this will obviously not happen before core fixes are implemented)

- Unnecessary addition to the game

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