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Forum Suggestion: Give Offtopic Subforum More Purpose


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I was browsing through the offtopic subforum and found that this subforum acts kinda like topic dump. I'd like to give this subforum more purpose to talk about unrelated ROSE stuff.

I wanna ask if some more subforum cans be added to Offtopic. Here some suggestions:

  • Movies, Series, TV & Books
    For talking about the latest or your favorite tv shows, series, movies or books.
  • Gaming
    Obviously we are all gamers here and many of us play other games beside ROSE Online. So talk about 'm
  • Sports & Hobbies
    What are your hobbies? Which sport do you like? etc..
  • Nerd Stuff & Science
    Wanna talk about science? Some extraordinary collections or just wanna talk about things only nerds understand? This is the place.
  • Serious Talk
    For when you want to discuss the more serious topics, like actual news like war, asking for advice, queer topics, etc..
  • Offtopic Cafe (current Offtopic renamed)
    For every subject not fitting elsewhere.


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