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Patch Notes - 2023-02-09


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Valentine's Day Event

The Valentine's event is scheduled to start automatically in the next few days, make sure to try it out! In the past this event had some pay-to-win elements which we have removed in this update. Additionally we will roll out some Valentine's themed Item Mall items shortly after this update.

The Valentine's event runs from February 10th - February 25th

Mega stability patch

As many of our active players are aware, we have been suffering from some stability issues with our service the past few weeks. We have been quick to apply hot fixes and patches to keep systems running but some players have been impacted by the temporary side effects (clan functionality not working, losing items, unable to login on first try, etc.).

In this patch we are deploying a massive change to our server back end that should address many of the issues you have been experiencing. This is a very big change that touches on several parts of the code. We have tested it on our end thoroughly and are confident in the changes but please be vigilant and report any new issues that may arise.

This is a very exciting patch for the team, it marks a milestone for us where we can start transitioning focus from 100% on stability to more game content focused patches in the coming weeks.


- Quests:
  - Updated Valentine's event dialogs and removed P2W bonuses
  - Added Valentine's event quest to quest tracker
  - Removed Money reward for "In need of Repairs" quest due to abuse
- Game Arena:
  - Removed lower level PVP game arenas due to player abuse
- Drops:
  - Added Ghost Elementary Scrolls (atk/def) to Fallen Judge Talratha droptable
  - Removed Mozanite Briolette [1][2][3] from the drop table
- NPC:
  - Permanently moved Bryll to the center of Fossils Sanctuary
- Misc:
  - Updated bad names and bad word filters
  - Deployed mega stability patch for server backend

If you have any feedback regarding this patch, please share it with us in this topic!

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