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Ego Players/ insulting / steeling Spot/ ksing


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Hello everyone, 

as the Topic says there is a huge problem with many players here who guess they own everthing.
Once we got all Dced and get back fast in game so my Party lvled at Behemot spot for over 30 mins than a Party came and said we stole the spot (the other two spots was empty in this time too) so they kst us and insulting us.

Next days we tried to get a spot a Party was in the middle of two spots and we just stand there and get insulted and kst.

Today at Krawftys with a low lvl Party we kicked someone who was afk 30 mins (or 1h dont know but it was a long time) later he came to our spot with his high lvl 200 Champ and kst us just because we kicked him and he dont care if i report coz i think he know nothing happens...
And i read in Discord now this Player ksing and insulting others too and say "nothing can happens coz im a donator".

This can´t be and it rly doesn´t make fun! You rly have to do smth about such Players...

How about a Jail like in Ragnarok Online? And a report Chanel in Discord with 2 or 3 GM´s who can look after the Report and get this Players jailed or even banned?!







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I sort of think that a little bit of KS, is slightly important. A person should be able to retaliate a little bit if they' feel wronged. In the same way in PVP zone, they can kill you. - 
If you move spot, and they follow you, just to KS you there, . Then it's harassment. Until then, I personally think that a little bit of a retaliation KS, shouldn't be bannable. But, I'm not a mod/admin. -- Again though, there is a line that is crossed when you move location, and they follow to continue to harass and KS you. BUT UNTIL YOU MOVE SPOTS. That's the line. (after discussing this with several other people, others share this perspective, but again, maybe the devs don't share this opinion) 


(Generally speaking though, simply being disrespectful is a banable offense) 

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I Play Online Games since 2002 started with Ragnarok Online, Rose Online and WoW and i never ever found so many Ego players or a Server with no Rules against it.

I dont speak from someone Hit 1-3 Monsters what i Hit.

I'm talking about spam Aoe in the Mobs of my Party!

Or change the "most dmg" back to just first Hit... Problem will be solved 🤦🏻‍♀️

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