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Akram Arena level 100-140 bracket honor farming?


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To be honest they should just disabled pvp game arena until the highest level tier. Pvp never actually happens in those level ranges other than people using it to exploit. At the same time, 240 honor gear costs too much, and it alienates newer players when trying to partake in pvp against people that are fully geared. Yes there should be some incentive and things to work for but that shouldnt be the only objective. 


Originally when honor gear came out (it wasnt called honor gear at the time) was for the level 200 sets during the days of union wars. The sets cost half as much as the current sets, and at the same time they were TRADEABLE. So you could buy or earn gear on another character before entering pvp. When 220 gear came out, people already had level 200 honor sets so they had something to fight eachother in, and a 220 honor set vs a 200 one isnt a huge advantage that you cant compete against it. The same thing goes for 240 gear originally (kinda). I know exalted gear is easy to come by and can give you something but I still will say that the 240 sets just simply cost too much, its not like pvp happens at low level so you dont buy level 120 honor gear; the base cost of all of them could be lowered. 


(Also I know you originally could buy level 180 'honor' gear but it was outdated and not as good at the time anyway).

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