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What job classes do you have, at what lvls' & what are your plans to lvl other jobs?


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So far, personally, I have a 169 Champion, 169 Cleric. - 106 Artisan, 74 (becoming Borg) - a lvl 1 becoming Scout. 

I do wonder how many people here only have one, and only intend on having one. Although I think having one is a perfectly viable option, in fact, it's nearly impossible to gear multiple chars to the best. It's as though, one of the job classes will surely be lacking. 

Am wondering though, what everyone's favorite class is, sort of eager to hear lots of Artisans. I'm also interested to hear how many people are simply dedicating to, just one job class. 

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18 minutes ago, MilliOnline said:

Cleric because instead of playing just one style I can change it up a lot. Right now I am going for dodge and tanking it with the mana shield haha. I can also support people If I decide to reskill but eh oh. Nice with the 169 levels TWICE as well!

What level is your cleric? 😮 

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