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Artis : what is your build?

Etienne oelekno

Please only answer if ARTISAN  

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  1. 1. Weapon?

    • Gun
    • Launcher

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Launchers are a lot stronger low level, but i wonder if guns aren't better later ?

Pierce defense, much more a-speed and more range ; 50%a-speed after 10 attacks


Crit / Crit dmg / AOE / movespd if attacked 

Also : if you use launcher you get a -def debuff [loaded barrel] AOE while guns get a dodge down debuff, less usefull in grinding

Right now, i'm lvl 116 with a hardened lvl 65 launcher (+10)

(I'm going soon to change my weap, i'll do some tests and maybe post results)

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I was using launcher.... hitting for 400-500. Launcher was level 96 weapon refined 10 times. Now I am using level 102 gun, refined 8 times (haven't succeeded to 10 yet, zulie issues) and I hit for 390-420 so a little less. Same general skills except for the normal dealer offensive ones which switch from launcher to gun.... I am currently level 106

I would say to balance it out, I should never miss with gun.... my accuracy is nearly double with my builds and yeah, I still miss shots, especially if my attack speed buff triggers and i miss all 3-4 extra shots.... generally I would say launcher seems too OP to not use it. I mean I used it to level from 1-100 in no time at all. But im balls tired switching between strength/con to pure con for crafting. I would rather just keep pure con. they need to balance guns a bit better. a minor tweak and we should be keen for leveling start to finish.

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