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31 minutes ago, GodOfEntity said:

I have 4 accounts, only ever have 2 logged in at once. When I say rotating, I mean, changing from one account to another* 

Yeah, I understand the rotation part since I am also doing that... What I mean with the 2nd and 3rd account log in is that, 2nd if you only currently have 1 account online, then logging in a 2nd account is not a problem regardless of the Login Server status, isn't it? Problem will be if we already have 2 clients (accounts) opened since we cannot open a 3rd one by default, so we will need to close one to be able to log in a new account different from the previous 2 accounts already online.

So does it mean you are aiming for that 3rd account and making sure Login Server is working before you logged out any of your 2 account that are already online, right?



Oh, I've seen one of your videos and you are using the shortcut (login) thing, and have 4 of them in your desktop... You should try the batch file version and you will have to use 1 shortcut only and also 1 place to edit your 4 login details and select account to login by pressing number like 1,2,3,4 and account description could be added there too. I also started with that shortcut version.

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