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Adjust the Variscite and Monzanite Drop Gems


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For the drop rate gems, theres a different one that can be used in each equipment slot (sans jewelry), however there is a problem.

Rose now doesn't have zulie drops but this gem still exists:



It's obsolete, and even when it wasn't it wasn't very useful.


So now, theres no drop gem that goes in the mask slot. But..... there are two that go into the foot slot.





You can't use both of these gems at the same time because they compete for the same slot. So what I suggest is to move the Variscite Asscher (The Very Rare drop gem) into the face slot. Why the Variscite? Well because the Dolomite Asscher (Maximum Item Drop Quantity) is overall more useful and more used by people farming, so they likely are already prioritizing it in the foot slot. 


The Variscite Asscher would then of course be changed to Variscite Briolette. But what happens to the current variscite asschers that are already slotted in gear? Hopefully they'll just be taken out and placed into your inventory. 

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