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Access to Muris


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1 hour ago, wagdattt said:

I have finished the oro quest but cant get the key that should be found in the unique skills.

When you say you finished the Orlo quest, what do you mean?  Have you completed the questline in Oblivion Temple to open the portal to Orlo?  The Vizier's Key passive is given by the queen in Muris.  Fight ancient scarabs around the pyramid in Golden Ring and make sure you have space in the consumable tab of inventory.  At some point you will find a Pharaoh's Key in consumables.  Go to Muris and double click on that key and follow the directions from there

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4 hours ago, dayo said:

Have u gotten the key? Im trying to get one from scarrabs now, but is not giving me anything, im already done with the fate quest and wayfinder, thank you

Make sure you are level 200 in order to be eligible for the key to drop

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