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Refining Guide

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What's the safe refine upgrade? And does the item break at some point when it fails? 

+1-10 = Safe

+11-15 = ?????

+15-20 = ????

Catalyst = Pink Powder, Purple Powder, ????

Refine Enhancement = Lisents ????

Refine Protection = ????

IF the Item has a GEM in it will it affect the success rate of refining ???? 

This guide will help alot thanks 😄

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All Item Types (common, honor, valor, etc) have the same degrade levels.

Items do not break anymore.

Refine Grades 1-10 = safe from degrade
Refine Grades 11-15 = 1 degrade level
Refine Grades 16-20 = 2 degrade levels

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Catalysts are: Pink/Purple Powders, Lisent (Hg)/(U). 

Though the other powders and Lisents are still in the game, they are of no use. I think there’s a quest still giving out Lisent (Fe) or something similar and it gives 0% chance of improvement. 

Refine enhancements and protections have been removed from the game. They were considered P2W and were part of the item mall. 

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