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It seems like there is a lot of vile and swearing everywhere like non stop i see in the chats, I try not to be vile, and when someone demands healing, and then swears at me for not, then talks about me in spanish, could there be something where if you see someone just swearing none stop, like a world master online to report to to give warnings, It ruins the game for me as i love it from 15 years ago, there has to be others who don't like that, even swearing in a 'nice' way, And for a cleric healing and attacking, there is no rule book saying I have to heal when ever someone demands it. I chose the role to heal people and play the game, not going to just non stop heal all the time, and clerics for what i have seen the ones helping with a lot of health, get treated like they are at the bottom of the barrel.

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