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noob questions.


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so! here we go again

1) is there any changes about the maximum client (2)?
2) what buff would i get with cleric bourg duo?
3) I've heard a rumor of resetting the game again, this still a'int the official release?
4) how active is this game? by hardware not by character count.
5) how's the exp rate? I don't mind a low item rate, since items lingers.

(I wish it could be faster so that players meet faster makes it not look like a dead game.just my 2cents)

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1- The rule is 2 game accounts per person online at the same time

2- Muses have- Magic Resistance Up, Max Mp Up, Enhance Damage and Int buffs.  Dealers have - Accuracy Up, Critical Up, Con and Sen buffs

3- There will be no reset.  There have been some rollbacks and some things might/will change but no wipe.

4- Not sure what you mean by hardware but the game is plenty active and there are players of all levels 1 - 250

5- This is the official server so when you see a private server saying 3x rate, it's based on this server

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