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I can't download game client.


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You country and or network is blocked from using the CDN

You can manually install the game but you also will have problems patchting using the launcher (Because same CDN)

Connecting to the game should be ok (Different server) but keep in mind you have to do manual patching


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6 hours ago, Dorby said:

Is there another source for the file? I also can't download the client. It always stop and gives me a network error issue 

It is best for you to install a VPN and retry. This will also help in providing you with updates straight from the launcher and wont cause any interference. 

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8 hours ago, Hayze said:

Hi. Any recommended VPN that we can use? Can we also maybe add a VPN instruction in the download page? Thanks! 💞

There are some listed towards the bottom of the first post here

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