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  1. You country and or network is blocked from using the CDN You can manually install the game but you also will have problems patchting using the launcher (Because same CDN) Connecting to the game should be ok (Different server) but keep in mind you have to do manual patching
  2. Top left corner upon login screen ingame There is a screenshot in this topic
  3. Gonna need some more info Does the client launch? Which version number is in top left corner ?
  4. This version build is different from the latest one. Use the launcher every once in a while to update your client. (Rose-updater.exe in your rose install dir) This was also created as an orignal shortcut upon installing the official client So don't launch tROSE.exe directly every time
  5. You should use the launcher (Not tRose.exe directly) to let the client update to the latest version, That might fix your issue Which version do you see when you can put in your credentials ? (top left corner)
  6. What really baffles me is the choice for using email+password in the client as a combination (When they might know the client is easy to tamper with) That could easliy be tried on multiple websites if the info leaks in some way (Which it kinda did) I know everybody is responsible for 2FA/Good passwords and not the same password everywhere, but still. could have been avoided. (Example Make game acc trough website)
  7. These random (time sensitive) codes are generated by an application installed on your phone (Google Authenticator application, Microsoft, Authy) Which you connected when setting up 2factor for Roseonline If that does not work for you and you dont have the recovery codes please submit a ticket here
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