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repeatable quest when to start?


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**For level 40**, speak to NPC Stephano for a quest that will reward you will purple gear that provides you 10% EXP. He is located in front of the El Verloon Desert Portal. If you're going to Anima Lake from El Verloon, you will see him immediately upon going through the gate. NOTE: It was brought to my attention by <@518075074830532638> that in order to receive the Stephano quest line for the level 40 gear, it wasn’t available to his character until he finished the quest: [El Verloon Tourism Board] Caraan "Meet the Locals"  chain which goes through a bunch of stuff in El Verloon and at the end you are sent to Stephano in Anima Lake where he then gives you the two Porkie quests which starts the chain for the lvl 40 gear.

**For levels 40-50**
Junon Polis - Moldies
NPC: Eva (Moldie repeatable) 

**For levels 50-60** 
Forest of Wisdom - Fighter Clowns
NPC: Kay (only 1 quest)
**For levels 60-85** 
Kenji Beach - Doongas/Krawfies
NPCs: Hotch (15 Krawfy proofs) and Bith (75 Doongas Proofs & 100 Krawfy proofs)
** Krawfies is the last repeatable that awards zulie until you reach Eldeon (delivery quests). So it is recommended you stay until 85 (at which point the reward is reduced by 50%)**
**For levels 85-120** (Planet: Junon/Luna)

Gorge of Silence (Access through northeast side of Kenji Beach)
Desert of the Dead (Access through Anima Lake)
Goblin Caves (Access through Adventures Plains)

Arumic Valley - Yeti/Yeti Riders
Mana Snowfields - Lunaris Bears, Penguins, and Mauls 
(Both NPCs are named Coffington in their respective maps)
**For levels 120-160**
Xita Refuge - Nepenthese/Pincers
Harold Evan (Weapon Research)
Oscar Patrick (Gather Materials) 
Gilbert (Pollen Seeds)
Catherine Clara (Information Research Project & Gather Pincer Claws)
**For levels 145-180** (Non-PvP Map)
Oblivion Temple (El Verloon Desert)
NPC Lina (Materials quest)

**A list of all the quests can be found here and their respective planets**

**If you have a big party from the beginning, then I recommend following Patrick/Clown's guide listed below**
(Levels 1-100) https://forum.roseonlinegame.com/topic/1044-guide-where-to-level-1-100-for-big-parties/
(Levels 101- 180) https://forum.roseonlinegame.com/topic/1537-fast-leveling-guide-101-180/

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