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An interim and hopefully quick solution to vending?


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I think I speak for a lot of people when I say redoing your vending is annoying when the server disconnects.

I've no idea how easy this would be but could we have it so once you've dragged an item into the vending interface:

1) It defaults so that the edit box is the price and not the quantity

2) Maybe a bit more controversial, but remove the predetermined NPC value and have it be blank?

This would reduce the process from: Drag, Click into Price Box, Hold Backspace, Enter Price,    to    Drag, Enter Price

Gotta love that reduction in inputs!


Better yet though, have it so when you stop vending, it remembers what you were vending when you stopped, until the next time you use it again (but any items no longer in your inventory no longer feature in the selling list)

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I dont even want to redrag all the items in there. Just save the items in the vending and delete those that a gone from inventory. Done. It just has to save after closing the window or logging out. No need to edit the prices whatsoever. Thats convenience and save time. Less time spent setting up a shop. We need more quality of life features in this game that are long due. I dont want this old school hassle of doing more than i should while other games just make one click feature to organize their stuff, etc.

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