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Patch Notes - 2023-08-01


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Happy new year!

The team has been hard at work since the last update fixing a mix of different things. Here are our official patch notes for this release:

  • Gameplay:
    • Enabled game arenas
    • Bert Bamboo Spears and Zant Quest Weapon Rewards cannot be disassembled anymore
    • Increased base attack speed by 4%
    • Sikuku Ruins: Fixed a glitch abused by some players that allowed them to pass terrain which is supposed to be impassable
    • Fossil Sanctuary: Edited map to prevent being stuck in walls
    • Fossil Sanctuary: Removed collision for all bushes and little flowers
    • Removed cloaking ability from Sikuku Infiltrator
    • Modified pathfinding of Elverloon Desert in an attempt to prevent bees getting stuck
    • Added path finding for mobs in sikuku underground prison
  • Quests:
    • Reduced "Give a Dog Another Bone" reward to 100k
    • Added missing Quest icon dialogs to Hafis
    • Added Quest icon dialogs to Solara
    • Added Quest icon dialogs to Galiya
    • Updated Clown Quest Restrictions (lvl 50-60)
    •  Updated Crown Gem objective on Quest Tracker to be less confusing
    • Added "Looking for a Mate" (Arua side) to Quest Tracker.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed the bug where entering a comma or period in a numerical input box causes the number to be truncated. This was causing players to accidentally list their items in shops at an incorrect price.
    • Fixed some item mall items not being account bound
    • Corrected an issue on Bond's dialog
    • Corrected an issue on Mercuccio's dialog
    • Corrected an issue on Kay's dialog
    • Corrected some quest icon issues on NPC in Elverloon
    • Several corrections in Zant and Breezy Hills regarding quest icons and icon dialogs
    • Corrected a mistake on Luna Gangsters in Quest Tracker
    • Fixed an error when talking to Redford in Sikuku Ruins
    • Fixed an issue where Stolen Good was showing not showing a dialog at Sahrazod
    • Updated Solara dialogs and quest icon
    • Updated Eva Quest icons being incorrect
    • Fixed incorrect shortcuts on Tutorial Images
    • Fixed some code that was causing some consumable items to trigger a crash
  • Misc:
    • Removed snow effect from Junon
    • Removed some code from the client triggering errors on early versions of windows 10. While untested this should also remove the same error from windows 8 and windows 7 (NOTE: These operating systems are still not officially supported)


We have made some code changes to address the frequent disconnections and players being unable to login on certain accounts under certain conditions. While we believe our changes will provide some improvements the issue is not fully resolved yet. Please continue to share with us any issues you are experiencing so we can track and review our logs.

We are aware that sometimes players items are "disappearing". In the event of a server crash, minor rollbacks can occur which will make the items unrecoverable. For other situations there's a high chance these items have not disappeared but are simply glitched in your inventory. The team is working on a permanent fix for this issue and we are planning to restore these "glitched" items in a future update.

We will be rolling the item mall items in the next few days so this is your last chance to grab any items from the existing listings before they are gone! This is the last time we'll be offering the dragon defender wings as a momento for our launch. Please keep an eye out for a follow up announcement with the new item mall listings.

Thank you all!

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