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All Muse/Mage/Cleric Skills.


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On 6/9/2024 at 1:13 AM, jefferyLow said:

Good Morning Rose online management 

may i ask how to know which one to add point -(skill point) first for muse ?


Might be late reply but still can be helpful for others. Your skill allocation will depend on which type of muse you would be playing... either single target dps, aoe dps or a support.

1. Single target DPS - Weapon Staff or Wand
Easiest way to play a muse on solo or even if you are a complete newbie. If you have other char you can make your muse your main dps and just leech your alt.

Skill: In order, you allocate as
5 ManaBolt, 1 ManaSpear, 5 VoltageBolt, 1 VoltageJolt 
5 MentalFocus, 5 SpiritofMagi, ValkChant ,  (5 Knowledge - only if you plan to use unique weap on early level... if not then ignore this)
5 Wand Mastery if you're a wand user or 5 Staff and 5 Spell Mastery if you use Staff
5 Cure, 5 Heal, 5 Restore, 1 SoulRevive
After these, you can max your ManaSpear and VoltageJolt and still have a few pts left until 100.

2. AOE DPS - Weapon Staff
Only viable if you have a party. Best set up when grinding on Krawfies or in Luna AOE parties.

Max on all aoe

5 MentalFocus, 5 SpiritofMagi, (5 Knowledge - only if you plan to use unique weap on early level... if not then ignore this)
5 ManaShield, 5 Manapool, 5 Meditation

3. Support - Weapon Wand
I personally do not recommend using support on early levels as magic skills scales faster than physical attacks. I cry a bit inside whenever I see someone use a support muse with a hawker as main dps. You can still be a good lurer on aoe parties though.

Max all Heals, Revive, 5 GiftofKnowlege, ValkChant, MindChant, ResistChant, 5 ManaPool, 5 MPconsumption, 5ManaCrux
Least Priority would be summon training and bonfire as it gives a very small regen on early levels. Regen can be useful on Luna Aoe parties if no one has salamander.

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