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logging in, please wait.... already tried soo many times, last hour. different accounts too...

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I was not able to login and was stuck at the logging-in screen so I have cancelled logging-in and launched the game and tried again. After doing it for about 5 times. I am now getting this error. I am sure to have entered the correct password. I have also checked for capslock. I have had log-in 3 attempts and I get this error. 


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7 minutes ago, shujin51 said:

man it is weekend. I wanna play ! xDDDD

Trust me man, i feel the same way haha. i was waiting for King to spawn, it was 5 minutes away then the DC happened..

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1 minute ago, tyro87 said:



The login server is down. You will receive wrong password and/or account doesn’t exist while it’s down. This is normal! Your account is fine otherwise.

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1 hour ago, kooperg said:

server is not loading chars at all...

same here im from philippines i cant login my account it says login later or account doesnt exist...

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5 minutes ago, tyro87 said:

no just testing my another rose while waiting roseonline back


Posting pictures/any discussions involving an active private server is against the rules. Please don’t do it again. 

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