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[GUIDE] How to get Beam Blades and All types of Stones


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Beam blades comes from disassembling weapons, it can be any weapon. Yellow, blue etc.

But how do you get all the stones you need for crafting for example hardened weapons.

There is an easy way to know if you're a dealer. You can just look at the type of weapon you want to craft.
For example i want to make a Hardened Shadow Staff.

It requires:
1x Shadow Staff
7x Beam Blade
5x Leo Stone

Now i know what i need to disassemble to get that stone.
Buying and disassembling Shadow Staffs have a chance to give you both Beam Blades and Leo Stone.
This goes for all other weapons. The stone you need to create the weapon is the stone you get from disassembling that weapon.
So you dont have to buy Zodiac Stones in hopes of getting the kind of stone you're looking for.


Lemmings Rod: Aries Stone
Animal Rod: Aries Stone
Mage's Rod: Taurus Stone
White Staff: Gemini Stone
Wisp Staff: Cancer Stone
Shadow Staff: Leo Stone
Golden Staff: Virgo Stone
Anima Staff: Libra Stone
Land Staff: Libra Stone
Holy Staff: Scorpius Stone
Dark Staff: Sagittarius Stone

It doesn't have to be staves, it can be any type of weapon. You get the same stone from the same tier based on level.
Level 64 Staff will give you the same as Level 65 Wand and level 64 Katars.

More expensive items seem to reward more material.
Staves (More expensive) vs Axes (Cheaper) for example.

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