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Curious About DEV PoV on Classes and Roles


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So, there were some synergies evolving in late NA that I was starting to get excited before leaving the game, and I'd like to see if the new team is open to trying these, or atleast giving their perspective on the matter.

There's only 1 tank in 7 Classes, however, late into NA, sometimes through abusing AI, or using Unique PvM specific skills, some other 'tanks' evolved.
Crossbow Scout: Has a PvM Taunt shot for Single Target. Despite people wanting to call it an "off tank" it was actually on-par with normal tanks, due to it's potent debuffs, stuns and evasion. Even having a superior black rate, whilst boasting a lower amount blocked when successful.
Frost/Lightning Mage: Whilst doesn't have a PvM Taunt, when dropping a significant amount of damage, a Mage using Dodge + Mana talents can buff their barrier up enough, that with some CHA into their accuracy down, and attack speed down [and roots/snares for AoE packs] can tank quite effectively. [The trick for Frost mage to keep aggro, is to hit first, and have the team never stun the boss, the boss would tunnel vision the first opponent unless stunned or slept]

Healer: This one was never "close" to being a thing, but it was floated several times that Artisan could provide off-support similar to how Crossbow Scout off-tanks. I think the general idea most agreed on, was that you would have some healing tinctures you tossed at allies, which broke on the ground causing small healing clouds etc, and being able to employ a healing summon, similar to the Eyeball from Bourge, but instead of casting decloak, would run around and AoE Heal with once in a while a healing over time effect. 
Point being simply that the community was looking at more than 1 tank and 1 healer in the entire game. [I think the only people who said "absolutely not, heck no get out are you insane why would you ever do that" were the Clerics who thought they'd get replaced? A bit hyperbolic, but there was definitely significantly more detractors to a second healer than there was to a second third and fourth tank.

So in short, would the team be interested in

Tank: Crossbow Scout, Frost/Lightning Mage and a support Artisan?
There were other ideas but these three only require a few new spells and they're ready to go actually.

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