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Battle Muse leveling 1-100


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***Video outdated due to recent patch. Based on patch notes, clown repeatable starts @ 50.

This guide is a very specific Bolter build that targets leveling 1-100 efficiently while taking advantage of the early repeatable quests that gives huge exp and zulie. You don't want to be broke till you hit max and start farming uniques. It can also be very helpful for those creating a new character because in a few days, the population on lower level maps will drop. People will have to do things solo and by duo-ing with probably the best class in solo-leveling, you can create new toon with ease.


As you can see on the video, solo leveling a muse even without the old buffs and minimal items isn't really that hard 😅

Too long didn't watch?
1-20 = Junon mask and weapon quest
20-35 = Aqua Guard
50-60 = Fighter Clowns
61-70 = Doongas
70-84 = Krawfies
85-100 = Yeti Riders


Q.1. Why bolter? Shouldn't wand users be normal attacking?

A.1. At lower levels you won't have enough skill pts to be really an effective auto attacker. Skills scale faster

Q.2. If offensive type, why not use staff?
A.2.1. Survivability - Staff AP increase from Int / Str / Sen while Wands from Int / Dex / Sen. It's better to have that small chance to dodge attacks since str doesn't really provide mages same hp rate increase as soldiers. You will also be able to equip a magic tool which provides an extra 15% block rate.
A.2.2. Mana Consumption - Wands has 10% less mana consumption than Staffs of the same tier. Since you will be spamming skills and probably not gonna be within a bonfire, you need to have a stable mana. The magic tool also provides a small amount of mana regen.

A.2.3. Damage comparison - Even with the same set of skills, at lower levels the difference in damage isn't really that much.

Q.3. I will reset after 100? Will the reset be permanently free?
A.3. No idea lol. Let's just take advantage of it while its here 😅

Q.4. What to do after 100?
A.4. I actually prefer to use auto attacks after I hit 2nd job. For a more detailed guide about auto attack clerics, you can refer to this topic...
The battle cleric build by Rootstock.


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Updated Patch
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