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New Daily Quests for EXP


Daily Quest poll. Please read at least the TL;DR: before voting.  

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Give us about 3 (or 4) daily quests that give 100% of the XP you need for your current level.

TL;DR at the bottom, please read it before voting.

That way people who can't play a lot can still do daily quests and level up that way. With this idea it would take 12 weeks to get from Level 1 to Level 250 only doing Daily Quests. This would be especially helpful for people with jobs and families who don't have time to stay in a party every day for several hours, but do have time for some quick daily quests.

This is also better than increasing XP rate or anything else since it doesn't make it so people who do have time to put a lot of hours into the game (like me) are done levelling from 1-250 in a single week. As the daily quest would give them 28 levels a week.

Active players will still do the daily quest, but do have to go back to grinding afterwards to level up more. Daily quests could be anything but I'd prefer just some simple short delivery quests on the planet of Junon. Quests starting in Junon. This does of course mean that people will not be doing these quests until level 30ish.

You could argue that players who nolife the game will level up even faster. Someone who got to Level 250 now in 14 days will now take 11 days instead. But the upside is that people who feel unmotivated to level up because they only get maybe 10 hours a week in that gives them maybe 30 levels on average, can now get an extra 10 or so levels a week depending on how much they end up playing. I think it's important that people feel the game respect their time. Grinding nonstop is unhealthy for people, and something many people simply cba with in 2022. Especially for people who want to play more than 1 job.



  • People who don't have time to play 2+ hours a day every single day still get to level up at a good pace.
  • Players don't have to always dedicate hours a day to level up and will feel less pressured to grind for hours on end.
  • You can do this on several characters a day, giving more people more of a chance to level several characters without dual clienting and with less time investment. (you could also limit the daily quests to 3 per account, rather than per character)
  • Players will feel that the game respects their time more. Which will make them want to play more and be less likely to quit while during the grind that is the current levelling process.



  • People who play the game nonstop will level up even faster, although only 21 levels a week.
  • People will miss out on drops and zulie if they decide to do this for 12 weeks from Level 1 to 250.
  • People might get FOMO to play every day.


Some random statistics:

  • If someone gains 5 levels a day right now, they will then gain 8 levels a day. Speeding up the process to 250 from 50 days to 32 days.
  • If someone gains 10 levels a day right now, they will gain 13 levels a day. Speeding up the process from 25 days to 19 days.
  • If someone gains 20 levels a day right now, they will gain 23 levels a day. Speeding up the process from 13 days to 11 days.
  • If someone gains 2 levels a day right now on average, they will then gain 5 a day. Speeding up the process from 125 days to 50 days.

As you can see, the more people grind, the less they benefit from this. Which I think is important. Simply increasing the EXP by a certain amount will have a much larger impact, while this limits how many more levels a day you are gaining. Giving you less bonus Levels % wise the more you play the game.


Please let me know what you think. I also suggest when making an argument either in favour or against it, to tell us how many hours you play the game a week at the moment. If you are on holidays then I ask you to tell us the hours you think you'll put in once work starts again.

Alternatively: 10 weekly quests instead that give 2 levels each, so that people don't feel like they have to play every single day.


PS: I know I suggested this to start at Level 30 and that the maths are all based on level 1-250, but I just found that an easier way to explain things.

TL;DR: 3 daily quests a day that give 1 Level each. This will speed up the leveling process for players with little free time by a nice amount, while being less effective for people who are grinding the game.

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