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Question - Reindeer Quest Part - [Find and lead 9 reindeer out of the cave]


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There is a guide on the forum:

You use the candy cane you got from Darren (put the candy cane in your skillbar) on the reindeer. Then you get the quest item ''Enticed Reindeer''. When you go the the entrance of the cave they will change to ''Saved Reindeer''. Get 9 of those to finish the quest.




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You need to have the candy cane in your skillbar, after that just kill goblins until a reindeer spawns, click the reindeer and use the candy cane on it. When you have 3 reindeers stored in your candy cane you walk to the entrance of Goblin Cave and the reindeer will be automatically released. Continue this until you have released 9 reindeer and quest will be finished!

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