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Character Slots


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This is a question, and I wasn't sure where to put it!

How many character slots will there be once the game drops? If I remember correctly, in Titan they capped us at around three or five or something pretty dang low... but in the before times, I believe it was more like 10 or at the very least more than Titan's pitiful allowance.

I loved having the extra room to try out all the classes and jobs I was interested in, not to mention just different looking characters. It would be amazing to have lots of room for exploration, character-wise!

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Its almost you need additional account storage pages if you have alot of characters as you won't be able to store everything in one place.

NA had 5 if I recall, then went to 3 without a premium account (I believe).   When they combined the 2 servers to 1, many of us who had characters on both servers have more than the normal.  I believe one account I had 8 or so on it  🙂


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