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Price check s> unique 2h sword


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Old topic but I’ll answer anyways: as a noob I was confused why these low level uniques would be worth a lot. Now I’m at end game and I have a 200 unique. Here’s why I think these low level uniques are worth some, but not a lot. 

1. The item grade is “unique”. If you look at any other piece of equipment the item grade will be from 1-9, which (I think) corresponds to the level of talisman/bindrune/atro you need to refine it. More importantly, SUBSTATS. We can use blank scrolls to steal substats from one piece of equipment and put it on another. However “imbued blank scrolls” can only go on pieces with the same item grade. So a blank scroll can be used to transfer secondary stats from a grade 8 item to anothergrade 8 item. That means a unique to a unique as well. Level 200 endgame uniques might have bad secondary stats. You can fix this by buying a low level unique and using a blank scroll to transfer the secondary stats. 

2. You can dismantle uniques into ancient scarabs from what I hear (these are used to refine uniques). 

so anyways if I’m right, what you should do is appraise that item. If it has good stats, sell the stats just like you would with any random item that has good stats. If it’s bad stats, dismantle it and sell the ancient scarabs. If you don’t want to take the risk of appraising it then you’re selling the possibility of good secondary stats to your buyer. You can imagine the amount of discount they get compared to a guaranteed good roll. 

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Consider that in the past we used to just drill the weapons and put a gem there.

Doing this prevents the use of the Appraised stat, until you remove the gem (or destroy it).

I really can't remember an use of appraised stat on those Uniques. 

But it seems we have different substats available now, so my whole post can be useless 😛


What I would say about Low lvl Uniques is that those became really wanted at some point, once the market and server will allow to max one of those, you'll have a great way to level new chars.

The Market itself will have dozens of "base" stats Gems, allowing you to equip an unique at lvl 1 or so.

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