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Add a full area map


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As the title suggests the game needs a map update including a full area map.  

The map when you press the M button should display a full area map instead of the vague location of all the areas in the world( Calling the old map the "overview map" for now on) . Another thing this map should display is 

1)All the npc's of the given area 

2) A map that displays your location without the clutter of other current players 

3)A list of all the npc's/ Mobs in a organized collapsible list on the right or left side of the the new bigger map

The reason I make this suggestion is that when playing with my family member today we both said the map sucks and we had a hard time figuring out where we both needed to go because the mini map just "snaps" back when we move location 

Pro's is that we can keep the old world overview map maybe when we press "M" it can pull up the area map first then the entire world map then the world map



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