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Add Recolors for Blue Armor/Weapons to the Game


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To get even more out of the costume feature, it would be, of course, really nice if we could get recolors of existing gear. The blue version of armor and weapons could have recoloring instead. Here are recolor suggestions:

  • Grand and Golden could have a more prestige or divine colorscheme
    Like silver, gold, purple, royal blue, gray, white etc..
  • Legend and Saint could have a alternate colorful colorscheme
    Like all kinds of bright colors
  • Demon and Dark could have a more desaturated and darker colorscheme
    Like dark colors (dark red, dark purple, dark blue etc. ) combined with blackish, dark grey etc.., but don't make them too dark (or they would look like black smudge on screen)
  • Elven could have a more natural colored colorscheme
    Like colors from nature like green, brown, yellow, white
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