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Buffs were fully removed from clerics (apart from self buffs)

All other classes kept their buffs they can share in party and too me, this is a bad bad mistake as it does not fix no issue! 

1) considering multiclienting is restricted to 0 

It means you are trying to force a meta where all your player base have to pick 1 player of each job in their party, be it for PVM or PVP.

2) considering multiclienting is restricted to 1 or more

You will end up in a position where everyone will do a different stat buffer afk slave... and parties will just match up and use those slaves to have optimal buffs.

3) You are forcing on players to buy buff pots from artisan.

4) you are creating an unbalanced issue due to the fact Muse are the only one having add damage, which is one of the most efficient buffs of them all for skill casters.


Please finish the job and remove the buffs completely to add them as a base stats passive on all character.



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The goal of the devs is to make the cleric less of a buff slave and more of an actively played class. They’re trying things, and if I’m not mistaken, thos is their first attempt. While I do have my doubts, i’d like to see how it plays out first. That said, i do think clerics shpuld be given some other toys to play around with, so people still have to rely on them one way or another - not just through heals, everybody can still just use health potions or food, but rather a more active element in my opinion, such as extra shields or something. Maybe damage buffs that are cast on themselves and only work so long as they are in range of other party members? Like some sort of link.

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I think clerics should have the AOE debuffs that mages have, and mages should be glass cannons. Support mages are what clerics should be imo (without the AOE stuns).

When it comes to buffing, it is a hard thing to balance. If anything, maybe everyone should be able to buff themselves with it being a set stat, rather than being effected by INT. Obviously it should have a CD after being revived / respawning, etc. I have no idea how to balance this so it's just an idea, but cleric buff slaves should be a thing of the past.

I am also speaking from an iRose POV, because I never really played EVO. 

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