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Marilva's introduction


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Hi everyone!

My name is Anne, 22 years old turning 23 on the 27th of february which is almost haha. I was born in Australia and moved to The Netherlands when I was 14. My dad and brother still live there so I try to go back every year even though it's hard now during covid. My username is actually my middle name, I've yet to meet someone else with that name so I figured I'll make it my username.

My brother used to play ROSE back in the day and I jumped in too, ever since that day I was hooked. The community, the grinding, the music and the cartoonish style always stuck around. I can't wait to get back in the game again and explore the planets once again. Every now and then I googled ROSE hoping to find it coming back again and my patience has been rewarded haha, love it! ❤️

Can't wait to see you ingame and love to all the people from the community and Rednim Games! Awesome job so far! 😘

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