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Francis in Zant wont let me finish my quest Junon's Holy Staff [7]


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Before disconnection, my quest was to turn over the Staff to Francis in Zant, then it DCed. When i reconnected it said to talk to Punwell again. Punwell wasnt saying anything about the quest. so i abandonned the quest then talked to punwell again. He said he fixed the staff. then gave me the staff to give to Francis in zant. however, when i got to him no "?" on francis head. I cant finish the quest. help


both of my main and alt character have this problem

affected accounts

Screenshot 2022-12-23 234118.jpg

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1 hour ago, SubSero_11 said:

i only have 4 quests at the momet.


those 4 on the photo


quest is also very basic just give the staff to Francis

I edited your post and removed your email information.  Please make a support ticket and include that information there rather than here on a public forum.  

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