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Happy Holidays and thankyou Rednim!


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Just wishing everyone a happy holidays period!

We've all waited a long time for Rose to return and I just wanted to thank all the developers and community moderators for your hard work in bringing this old and priceless game back to us!

Back when I was a teenager a friend introduced me to this game at college. There wasn't a euro version yet and he was learning Japanese whilst playing it. I showed my brother and he loved the art style and carts. When the euro version launched my brother was there and for some reason this game resonated with him. I couldn't get him to play other MMOs as much as I did try (I wasn't a big rose fan at the time). Over the years I've played with my brother just to play his game with him and now I can say I have an affinity to this game as its something I could play with my brother.

Well Rose is back and I've been playing it with my brother (we're both now in our 30's). So thankyou Rednim from me and my brother.

Long live Rose Online and the somewhat odd community which this game seems to have created around it's self. I love you all!

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