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PTR (Public Test Realm) to test new updates


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PTR (Public test realm) Servers are popular in lots of games in the MMORPG genre and allows for the developers and community try out new updates before it goes to the live server. This would be beneficial I think not only to test and see how players respond to the updates, but also to see how the old code responds to the new code. This would be a completely seperate client, so there would be no need to take the live servers offline due to a problem with the new code interacting poorly with the old, We would know it from the PTR and people would still be able to play the live servers while preparing the patch for live. I think also it would be extremely beneficial to see how people respond to certain updates and get their feedback on it.  

The only downside I see to this, is it will split up the community a little bit some may choose to play on the PTR. While that may be true, that is their choice, and unless it is a big update that is fun to test and worth it, they are probably less likely to play on it. for example on new world, there are not a lot of people who test unless it is a really huge update that people will enioy, but that is irrelevant and does not matter as much, as long the developers are able to test on it without taking the live servers down to test new indurations, it serves its purpose and is extremely beneficial because they don't have to inconvenience the community with taking the servers offline.

What do you think? 

Thanks, See you ingame Rosarians 🙂

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