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Key shortcuts and functions


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1. Disable the CLOSE function from ALT+F4! This was possible back in NA ROSE. I place my buff skills in Alt Hoykeys and when I press F4, BAM!

2. Make function hotkeys (F1-F12) usable when entering chat mode. This is frustration. Sometimes I don't know why my skills aren't casting, then it ends up that I had entered chat mode (usually accidentally).

3. Place all shortcut keys of UIs in the leftmost of the keyboard. We need the Alt V (inventory), Alt A (character), Alt F (friends), Alt S (skills) back. When playing, we are usually using the leftmost keys to access the UIs.

3b. If not, include these to legacy mode.

PS: Also, please fix WASD keys causing movement malfunctions. When using W, sometimes your character moves backwards.

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