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Skill Power and Attack Power?


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Skill power % increase (as i belive) ALL skills power be that % of your ATTACK DMG. This mean if you have 200 attack power, and then an skill with 50% of skill power, you will hit 100! (after the dmg mitigation from defenses of course) but if your skills says 200% skill power +200, you will hit in this last case 400+200... 600! 😄

However, the attack damage is just your dmg of your "standart" attack.

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3 hours ago, Schizophrenia said:

Does anyone have a good explanation on the difference of Skill Power Power and Attack power? Does attack power increase damage on basic attacks and skill power affects skills being used on each character?

Attack power affects both skill and melee (auto/basic/normal) attack. Skill power is calculated by percentage of attack power plus flat skill power (not entirely sure about this).

For example: A skill in description shows 150% +100 wherein 150% is for your attack power, 100 is for flat skill power, and the total as for skill power.

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