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7 minutes ago, Vilanu said:

Announcement on Discord mentioned that the affected people will receive a mail about it.
Whether you're affected by this or not, they advise a password change immediately.

Good idea. I've changed my password right away.

Maybe it's a good idea if @HazDS@HoneyBuns or someone else update to forumpost in announcement as well to reflect this.

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4 minutes ago, ayban said:

it was a dumb idea to use email as login. way back in warpportal, you can create 4 accounts per email. so that it wont be necesary for email addresses to leak out of 2 decades old tech.

Even big tech companies uses email as login credentials... If a system is compromise, it does not matter what data is use for login since the perpetrators are already inside the system.

System hardening and additional security measures are what are needed from the ground up to better secure all aspect of the game, since there shared details, both the game client, game server, web server, database server should all be properly shielded and maintained.

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