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Patch Notes - 2022-12-20


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Patch Notes

- Fixed a bug with parties with more than 6 members not getting the correct exp
- Removed a bug that inadvertently showed the "Jeff Bagpack" in back item crafting list
- Fixed some bugs that were causing the game to deadlock and the server to freeze under the right conditions
- Fixed a bug where after some time new characters were getting incorrect quest data
- Fixed a bug where despawning summons could cause the server to crash
- Fixed a bug where the server was leaking some player data
- Fixed some item mall items that were incorrectly tradable
- Fixed missing skills on the default skillbar
- Switched target enemy on the default skillbar with Throwing Stone
- Added and improved path finding on maps to help with mobs going into objects and dropping their items or invading towns
  - Added path finding to Valley of Luxem Tower
  - Added path finding to Canyon City of Zant
  - Added path finding to Kenji Beach
- Lowered the amount of Bees and Pomic King in Valley of Luxem Tower
- Added Respawns Points to Zant in order to fix and issue where players respawned on the other side of the broken bridge
- Updated Burtland dialog to say the default clan member count is 10 instead of the previous 5
- Removed Keenu Face/hair change
- Fixed Plastic Surgery Coupon to work correctly with new faces
- Removed Rudolph Boss spawing on Junon and Santa Planetoid
- Fixed incorrect quest indicators for Ulysses
- Fixed incorrect quest indicators for Spero
- Fixed incorrect quest indicators for Belz
- Fixed most incorrect quest indicators for Keenu
- Fixed most incorrect quest indicators for Sharlin
- Fixed most incorrect quest indicators for Tryteh
- Fixed an incorrect quest indicators for Leonard
- Fixed incorrect quest indicators for Lucid, Kind of Legend (4)
- Added Winter Quest indicators for Judy
- Reviewed all the dialogs for Junon Planet and added all the missing quest dialog indicators
- Added snowing effect to Junon
- Fixed a bug in Kegs Can Fly quest
- Halved the Krawfy Quest and Doonga Quest rewards
- Changed the Doonga Quest to give zuly instead of exp
- Fixed An "Abominable Army (6)" in Quest Tracker
- Fixed clan skills not being correctly saved

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