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Materials! To keep or sell?


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Keep everything that you can’t buy from the material vendor NPC.

you can sell junk items that are related to the mob that you kill for example things like Talons, Matches, Broken Shell, etc. The Ancient Coins too. These items have quality of 20 or less. Pink and purple powders too if you’re really low on Zulie. 

Keep other monster parts like Feathers, Threads, Feelers, Leafs, Leg/Backbones, Skins, Glues, Dyes, Gunpowder (not the packets, they are offered by material vendor), Metals/Cloths/Leathers/Woods (with quality above 36), Lisents, White/Black/Red Animal Tail Furs, the Sharp/Broken/Solid pieces of Metals, and anything with Dirty in its name (save them in the dirty state to save inventory space).

Also you can use the Disassemble skill on Equipment to get basic raw materials or elemental type materials for the equip items.

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35 minutes ago, Askeladd said:

Just want to ask what is the purpose of Dirty items?


To clean them into a random crafting/refining material.

Cleaning them all will clutter ETC/Material tab. Best to save them as Dirty since they stack and stay in Use Tab. 
For example cleaning Dirty Hearts can give you 1-5 of either White, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Gold, or Pink Heart(s). Which are used for Gem crafting. The amount or which you get is random.

The dirty stones, runes, etc also have a bunch of different types and are also used for either crafting, reinforcing, or refining.

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On 12/18/2022 at 12:46 AM, CorzaX24 said:

What materials are worth keeping for crafting? What ones can I sell to NPCs?

If you plan to make an artisan you will want to keep a lot of materials but if you are not planning to craft, check the NPC's that sell materials and see what they offer.  Anything in their shop can be sold since artisans can just buy those.  Some items like the various Ancient Coins, those little chests with things like Colored Paper, and any sort of key can just be sold to the NPC. 

Keep purple and pink powders since you can use those in refining.  Anything "dirty" will be wanted by crafters so check the buy tabs in players shops.  Same thing with chemicals like Low Essence, Ether, etc.  Check what players are buying in their shops.  Often they are offering to pay more than the NPC price.

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14 hours ago, jahmairo230912 said:

i wanna buy like a cannon and stuff to fight whit and get better and i see the npcs items and i cant buy it how?


Have you "dragged" the item to the buy item window where you will be ask the number of the item you want to buy?

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