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[Guide] Adventurer's Plains Tutorial Quests!


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{Talk to Arua's Fairy}

When you first log in the game you should talk to the Arua's Fairy that is at the exit to the spawn area. 


{Speak to Grey}

Arua's Fairy gives you the task of talking to [Village Chief] Gray, because he might need some help.

Talking to Gray nets you some 

Rewards - 5 Apples, and Experience (94)


{Defeat 5 Mini-Jelly Beans}

Grey (located at the map above) then gives you the task of defeating 5 Mini-Jelly Beans, which are located all around the small village.

Returning to Grey you will receive your 

Rewards - 10 Apples, Experience (167)

{Delivery for Bert}

Grey then gives you a job to run some Ripe Bananas to [Path Guard] Bert


Giving the Bananas to him, he will give you

Rewards - 15 Milk, Experience (74)

{Help Bert clear the road}

Bert then asks you to help him clear the Path, as Choropies have been attacking travelers. He wants you to defeat 8 Choropies, and 1 Mother Choropy.

They are located just up the hill opposite Bert, any type of Choropy will do for the 8 Choropies.

Talk to Bert once you are done and you will receive 

Rewards - Bert's Spare Bamboo Spear, Experience (334)


{Speak to Huey}

Bert tells you Huey might need your help so head over to him, he's across the bridge and to the right.


Reward - 15 Apple, Experience (118)

{Help Huey Collect Flanae Seeds}

Huey cons you into gathering flanae seeds for him while he "watches" his cart, you need to get him 9 Flanae, and 3 Elder Flanae Seeds.

The Flanae are located right up the hill to Huey's left, Elder ones are spread around.

Rewards - Experience (668)

{Collect Honey for the Farmer}

Huey then cons you into gathering 15 honey containers by stealing from Young Honey Bees, then smuggle them to Claude to hide the stash.

Young Honey Bees are located South/South West of Huey, once you have all 15 head to Claude to get your 


Reward - Experience (1,001)

{Collect Pumpkin Seeds}

Like Son like Father, Claude cons you into collecting his pumpkin seeds, he wants you to get 16 pumpkin seeds and 8 Big pumpkin seeds.

These are located just South of Claude, just turn around. 

You can kill any type of Pumpkin for the normal Seeds, but only Big Pumpkins will give you their seeds.

Reward - Experience (1,334), Zulie (3,813)

By this point, if you haven't been killing the same things as other people that are not in your party, you should be level 9, almost 10.

{Visit the Training Village}

Claude believes you are strong enough to go training after doing his work, and sends you on your way North to the Trainer Village to pick what Job/Class you want to become.

Upon entering the Village you should Level up to 10 (if you haven't already), now you can talk to one of the four trainers

Reward - Experience (703), 1 set of armor for your class




{Defeat the Jelly King!}

Your Trainer wants to test you now that you've learned from them, they ask you to defeat a Jelly King, the strongest of all the Jelly's!

You can find the Jelly King far to the South (straight down from the Village), and a little to the East (left as you run there), go across the bridge and head up the hill to the right, then back down and you should see some Jelly Beans hoping around like they aren't in immediate danger.


Once you beat the Jelly King return to your trainer and get your

Reward - 1 Grand Red Beret, 10 (S) Health Vial, 10 (S) Mana Vial, Experience (3,050)

{Stockpiling Jelly Bean Hides (Repeatable)}

[Village Chief] Gray seems to have a grudge against Jelly Beans because he gives you another quest to kill more, and its repeatable! 

With the endless influx of Visitors, the Adventurer's Plains is suffering from a supply shortage. Collect 10 Jelly Bean Hides for the overtaxed Gray and provide him with some relief.


753 Zulie (if you don't take the quest again while turning it in)

829 Zulie (if you take the quest again while turning it in) 


{Old Visitor Look?}

To start this quest you need to locate [Smith] Ronk in Adventurer's Plains.

old visitor look ronk location.png

He should be the Southern most NPC in the small village at the beginning of Adventurer's Plains.

Once you find him talk to him and choose Dialog #4 Is it true that I can wear a different Visitor Look?!?

He will tell you the secrets of the Choropy silk making worms, and informs you that only the Mother Choropy can approve your request for clothes! 

You need to find the Mother Choropy first, and that will be the easy part. Head North across the bridge and when you see Bert turn left (West) and go up the hill.

old visitor look location.png

When you find the Mother Choropy she isn't in the best of moods, so you need to persuade her to let you have one of her precious Visitor looks, just so you can look different and cooler.

What she will eventually give you looks like this


Basic Versionbasic visitor look.png basic visitor look on character.png  Old Visitor lookold visitor look.pngold visitor look on character.png

*Disclaimer your rewards of Experience and Zulie may differ from mine!*

To continue your journey click below!

[Guide] The Valley of Luxem Tower Tutorial Quests!

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