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[Guide] The Valley of Luxem Tower Tutorial Quests!


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{Travel to Luxem Tower}

Your trainer asks you to visit The Valley of Luxem Tower, and while you are there see if you can find Morgan, he was supposed to be at the Trainer Village.

Exit the village, and turn left, go through the gate, and Congratulations! You found Morgan.


Reward - Experience (1,220)

{Missing Cart Parts}

Morgan is stranded here ever so close to the Trainer Village because some Young Pomics stole parts of his Cart and he needs you to get them back.

Head East (left) of Morgan and then go down the ramp to the valley below to find Young Pomics. It may take a few minutes to get all 3 parts.

Return to Morgan and get your

Rewards - Experience (1,423), Zulie (10,162)

{Village Exploration}

Morgan tells you of a village near by, that may need your assistance and points you in its direction.


when you reach this spot, the other side of the bridge, you should get this notification.350141408_villageexplorationnoti.png.b2d5cc1a0f4848a24a82333f9432a221.png

and also this

Reward - Experience (1,016)

{Honey for her Honey}

As you enter the village you see a few people around, first up down the ramp to the village is Magdalena, who wants some Honey Samples, and tells you to get them for her.

Here are the 8 locations you can get them, but you only need 5 of them.



When you get the sample this should pop up


Return to Magdalena for your

Rewards - 1 Class Shoe of your choice, Experience (2,641)

  • Demon + Critical
  • Dark + Attack Speed
  • Grand + Health (HP)
  • Golden + Magic (MP)
  • Elven + Magic Recovery (MP Recovery)

{Delivery for [Resident Rudolfo}

This one is pretty straight forward, deliver the honey treat to Rudolfo who is right behind you.

Rewards - 1 Class Chest piece, Experience (3,199)

  • Demon + Critical
  • Dark + Attack Speed
  • Grand + Health (HP)
  • Golden + Magic (MP)
  • Elven + Magic Recovery (MP Recovery)

{A Small Start}

Next up in town is Enu who is just beside Magdalena, he wants you to recover his daughters necklace that some Pomics stole, he is pretty upset so he tells you to just beat them up till they give it back.

To find the Pomics leave the town going North and you should be able to see a bunch just down the ramp.

Rewards - 1 Class Hat, Experience (2,031)

  • Demon + Critical
  • Dark + Attack Speed
  • Grand + Health (HP)
  • Golden + Magic (MP)
  • Elven + Magic Recovery (MP Recovery)

{Collecting Ore}

Next up around the village is Rudolfo, which is Magdalena's husband! He needs a precious Ore and is almost out of it and for some reason only the Red Pomics can seem to mine it, and we aim to steal it!

To find Red Pomics you can head down the North Ramp and go East at the bottom, or go across the bridge to the North and then go East.

Return to Rudolfo when you get all 3 and you will receive

Rewards - 1 Class Gloves, Experience (2,354)

  • Demon + Critical
  • Dark + Attack Speed
  • Grand + Health (HP)
  • Golden + Magic (MP)
  • Elven + Magic Recovery (MP Recovery)

{Speak to [Arumic Researcher] Lutis}

Once you help everyone in the small village (not including Dune) Rudolfo gives you this quest and a box of stuff.

Lutis is way up North, and you may have seen him earlier while collecting Honey Samples.


Talking to Lutis will get you another quest and

Reward - Experience (3,046)

{Bee Infestation (Repeatable)}

Dune who is just a little down the ramp by the village will give you the task of beating up 20 bees.

To find these continue down the ramp, go North across the bridge and keep to the East (right) and you should see them flying around, you can also go straight (North) go up the hill and head West (left) past the tower and find them there.

Once you beat 20 bees and have the proof, return to Dune for your

Reward - Experience (7,639)

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