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Visual Assets for Quests


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After doing most of the early quests I’ve noticed many people always asking the same where is “x” location for a quest. The problem being some quest vaguely mention a monster or location to describe the location and once a player luckily stumbles on the right spot they gain the proof or drop a quest item. 

For example Leonard’s Sword quest from Zant:

In the quest it’s mentioned Rackies have burried his sword in El Verloon dessert. There is no visual asset or marking of any kind to give the player some kind of sense what to look for. The quest is completed once walking over a specific spot on the map. 
I think this could be improved by adding a visual asset to the map in the area where the sword is. Place a mound of sand there, or a protruding Sword Hilt or some rocks with a small glinting piece of metal. Anything to help visually point out “Hey, there’s something odd here! Check it out!”

Another quest is Keenu’s Thread. Also in Zant:

The quest says the she lost her thread near a tree stump just outside the town. 
Yet again there’s no clear visual marking of where the exact spot is but simply an invisible trigger once the character steps next to the correct stump. 
For this quest there could maybe be a trail of thread pieces vaguely leading to the right stump and then next to the stump have the thread laying beside it. Such a visual addition would make it stand out and easier for a player to find.

In the Valley of Luxem there is also the honey collection quest where honey covered honeycombs give a honey once walked underneath.
This one has some visual but could use a bit more, maybe a pile of honey underneath the honey covered honeycomb to further make it stand out. As well as add a few more honeycombs with honey coverings. The quest could also use a slight rewording and mention that it requires 5 unique samples, since I’ve experienced some players simply standing underneath and waiting expecting the honey to actually drop. 

In Breezy Hills there is the quest to place the turbines. The areas have a small altered patch of land. This could be made larger and stand out a bit more to be easier seen while exploring. The current mounds are small and slightly lighter in colour in comparison to the ground texture. Double there size and maybe add some rocks or wood around the circle as decoration to make them stand out even more.

The pandemic quest part of the Hero quest which sends you to the Mushroom area in Adventure Plains to the south of the starting village also could use some visual assets for the quest items mentioned in the quest. Like the medallion. Add a glow, or some toxic fumes or anything to visually show where the player should go with their character.

The lost children quest in Zant has the locations labelled on the map, there could also be a toy of some kind placed beside where they spawn in case the NPC isn’t there to indicate the spawn location. 

There are probably a few more quests with find or place “y” item(s) without a legitimate land mark or visible asset that I have yet to encounter, but in conclusion, It would be a huge QoL improvement to give these quests the nice visuals they deserve to make searching the map more appealing. 



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