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Create a Clan in Item Mall?


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Suggestion: Would it be possible to add the ability to 'create a clan' in Item Mall?


  1. Easier to create a clan and start having a community of people who you always play with and enjoy talking together
  2. With how limited the zulie in the game, this will save people from having to spend on it and be able to concentrate on gearing up their characters instead
  3. It technically kinda is not a p2w deal since it takes a group of people (clan mates) to level up a clan and get clan points
  4. Only one person needs to buy it from the item mall and it benefits a lot of people (in the same clan)
  5. It will also somehow add funds to the development of this game


  • Clan Skills (see #3&4 in PROs section)
  • Can't think of anything else...



So, what do you guys think? Please don't flame this thread and healthy communication only. Thanks!


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Hmm so, I don’t think it’s a good idea. 

1. It shouldn’t be easy. This should involve hard work in order to get this created. Many can come together to pitch in, it doesn’t always have to be on the clan master to get all the funds. 

2. That should not matter. By that logic, we should make all hp/mp pots free because there’s limited zulie in game and they need to concentrate on gearing up. 

3. It’s definitely P2W. Check this out. I’m in game and only have 300k zulie. I am willing to bet that there is someone who will use real money to create the clan and get the 300k zulie in game. And all I have to do is create the clan with IM and don’t give clan leader to person until they give me 300k. If they don’t want to pay, then I log out and keep the clan name forever. With the 300k, I’m able to buy materials to refine my gear and purchase gems or any other items to help me win. 

4. See point 3. 

5. Well sure, anything purchased in the IM gets sent to the team/Gravity. 

I don’t mean to sound rude or angry, I’m just telling you it’s not a good idea. 

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