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Couple of questions about Muse and Cleric to be specific


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I am currently close to 102 Cleric and a full support that made a lot of experimenting.

From my perspective so far it's exactly like this:

Int: As much as needed for gear
Str: Around half your level to get atleast some def and hp
Cha: Rest

Why this way?

Int increases your Max MP, MP Regen per Second and is a needed cap for your Weapon.

Cha: increases your buff power, healing done (, quest rewards)

You will get more than enough MP Regen per Second from Mana Crux, your Bonfire and if needed Meditation.

As about the skill order to max...


Leveling in Party:

Cure 1
Summon Training + Bonfire 4
Enhanced DMG Party (always capped)
Cure 3
Heal 1
Cure 5
Heal 3
Heal Party 1
Mana Crux 5
Heal 5
Heal Party 3
Restore 3
Restore Party 1

This way you have all your heals as a muse and can start cycling through them. 

At this time you can decide on multiple ways to go. You can either upgrade your party buffs which... don't matter for leveling yet. Max Mana +2-8% before hitting 100? With 2 Bonfire on Level 5 no one will run out of mana unless they spam a lot of skills which isn't that necessary. Magic Defense? You are mostly taking physical damage at this point so..... +15 Int?.... Before I'd go with the +15 Int Party Buff (which a mage could also use) I'd go with maxing my heals, maybe even go with meditation to further increase your MP Regen per sec. Also use the MP Regen per sec Accessoire Sets. The more MP Regen you have, the easier it is to spam your heals.

Now to "how to heal"

Do not spam HEAL HEAL HEAL HEAL HEAL because it's your highest heal. Start with Restore since it ticks every 5 seconds after you applied it for 15 seconds. So 5 seconds AFTER applying it it'll heal for the first time. Next use Heal because it's your highest heal... then you should use Restore Party to further increase your HoT. Now you use Heal Party and then Heal into Cure Cure Heal.

So the basic healing rotation is -> 

Restore, Heal, Restore Party, Heal Party, Heal, Cure, Cure, Heal, Cure, Cure, Heal, Repeat (Restore, Heal, Restore Party, Heal Party, Heal, Cure, Cure, Heal, Cure, Cure, Heal,)

This will most likely get you to Cleric without any big problems in healing.


Best regards,

Jyntax aka JynSup.

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