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Launcher and installer issues/optimizations


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Here are few things i noticed so far


  1. On installation to windows 7/8 installer must WARN user that its not supported OS (ask confirmation to proceed at least). I did test game on old laptop, didnot get it running on windows 7. 8.1 work install but took quite some messing around.
  2. Installer could ask/suggest installation folder and not force automated location always. Personally i dont install games on my system drive normally, but on secondary one.
  3. Installer could support "Repair" function from Windows Apps menu same as other apps (by just reinstalling game then)



  1. There must be option to validate/repair installation in launcher, in case there are some missing files/etc.
  2. Updater must have backup url (not just blackblaze hosting). Blackblaze is blacklisted in many countries due to low reputation/abuses. You can play Rose if its updated, but now cannot click Play since updater times out. Right now only workaround is to update Rose via vpn/proxy and play without later
  3. Would be nice if it at least asks full screen or window mode or have basic configuration option as it had in past
  4. After downloading patch it starts applying it, it should show progress bar somewhere or message. People may think its done or stuck while its processing. Took me 3 minutes on old laptop and it took all cpu power and over 1.5gb ram on this time there.


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