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Scaling party : How to play with lower level friends while helping them and since earning something.


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Something I find really nice in modern MMO is the possibility to play with friends even with a high level difference (e.g. Guild Wars 2).

On a private server, I saw a feature similar to this and really liked it.

The idea is as follows :

 - you keep the normal "Party" skill with its usual level restrictions, etc.

 - but you have a new skill : "Scaling Party".


In this party, all your stats, damage and level are scaled to the lowest member of the party.

What are the pros of such a party ?

  • all the exp normally gained by the players at this scaled level is given to the lowest level in party ; This way you can help a friend leveling faster while playing with him. Doesn't matter which class you are.
  • since your level is scaled, you still get drops. This gives you an incentive to play with lower levels in area where you want to loot mats/refines. And you don't need No Exp medals, or adds or...


I would really appreciate to see this feature in an official version of ROSE, which would push me to invite more friends to play with them and also to go with a high level character in lower level region to loot and at the same time help random players leveling.


Thank you for reading,





NB :  For the scaling, the way candle ghosts power/hp scales with their level can be use as a base. Or one could study into more details what is the "usual stats" of a specific class at a specific level. If you need help implementing, I would gladly help :-)

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