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[CONSTRUCT] Sanitarium, cleric healing resort


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Right, so Vexoi's post about transferring refining levels gave me an idea based on a previous idea. Thanks @Vexoi! You can blame this Roserian for this entire post.

Imagine if debuffs were persistent across spawns. Curses, as it were. Curses to lower your exp rate, reduce your attack power, spell power, move speed. Imagine being permanently cursed to have your max HP be 1! Imagine curses that lasted for days, weeks or even indefinitely! Curses that can't simply be purged by a friendly cleric. What we need for this is a place of power dedicated to healing, perhaps with healers working in metaconcert! A place of healing and tranquility. A sanitarium.

This post proposes a constructable or purchasable building where clerics gain an ability to 'link' with others to remove persistent debuffs that either cannot otherwise be removed or require a higher amount of INT to dispel than any individual cleric has. This place is similar to clan and player housing as well as the faction buildings but with more beauty, tranquility and decorations. Just a better view.

Not sure about pros and cons just yet. I'll add it later.

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