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  1. 1. should Rose consider (CONSIDER) a tracker for zulie

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could a zulie tracker be implemented before the game starts completely fresh?

it doesn't need to be known to the public, it would only be used for the Teams knowledge.

why? to keep a tabs on where the economy is at any time in the game. and when that certain zulie number is too high where the team may be concerned, they can make judgement based on complete accuracy of what to do. this is for future reference, instead of basing the number off of guessing the total zulie amount.


i probably wouldnt suggest it being public as it could cause concern and will even influence the market for items.


just an idea. just throwing out something that may be pretty useful a few years from now. like it, hate it, all is good.

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A Zulie tracker alone wouldn't allow them to make decisions on economy. You could have one or two players with exorbitant amounts of wealth in comparison to other players and an economy change would negatively affect the player base. What you need to do is remove the outliers (top & bottom) from the dataset and look at the majority of players rather than an overall Zulie tracker. I do think it would be good to see this value but also to ensure the value is displayed contextually.

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In statistics you ignore the top and bottom 5% and average the medium left.

Plus, they have DB access. They can simply query the DB for all datacells saving zuly and get both a total and average. They only thing they should be concerned with is inflation anyway. It's inevitable to happen, but tamping it down so it's slower than faster is a good goal later on.

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