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  1. Name of Clan: Purge Your clan position: Clan Master All players that will be participating and their job: Main Micmic (Cleric) Home (Cleric) SenseiMelo (Champion) Burandat (Mage) Raddits (Bourg) LadyKanao (Artisan) RaiderJhin (Raider) Prinzzz (Scout) Subs: Rylaiii(Cleric) XieXie (Bourg) Jrax (Raider) jhimfire (Mage) PapaGzues (Raider) Porkie (Mage) WAJAMO (Bourg) IL0v3pe4rL (Mage) xd0ntsaybadwords (Knight) MiWu (Mage) antman (Knight) DatuTisoy (Champ) Gord (Mage) BossxKevin (Bourg) PushPushKtah (Knight) kasaWOmaan (Cleric) Nitrogen (Bourg) Halogen (Artisan) Makeni (Champ) Parasite (Knight) calling (Raider) Darkcrow (Knight) Darkfrozen (Cleric) Raigou (Raider)
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